Circolo 1901: Easy but not simple. We neither want to convince nor impress. We just want to do what we do best. We start from authentic and original and bring in a modern, easy and comfortable way of being and dressing.

Ted Baker: From the beginning Ted has had a very clear, unswerving, focus on quality, attention to detail and a quirky sense of humour making them the very best contemporary men’s wear.

Hugo Boss: The rich array of modern businesswear, exclusive leisurewear and glamorous evening apparel fuses fashionable silhouettes with excellent design and timeless elegance.

Boss Orange: As the urban casual wear collection from HUGO BOSS, BOSS Orange sends an easy-going message. The laid-back lifestyle fashions appeal to men and women who set stock in individuality and cultivate mobility and spontaneity as parts of their personal mindset.

Boss Green: A sportier feel, green label has it's roots in golf. More athletic and more suited to a coordinated look which can translate into a look after the game. Sporty Look. The active sportswear line from HUGO BOSS that transcends the boundary between modern leisure outfits and performance golf apparel.

Bugatti: Incorporating design with innovative materials into fashionable and wearable clothing.

Brax: A perfect fit, exclusive materials, a unique design" Using top-notch craftsmanship and innovation along with state-of-the-art materials Brax provides quality and style.

Pure: "the best weavers, producers and designers in our field, without having to go down the “brand” route. Simply put, you get the quality without the hype."

Belstaff: Motorcycle jackets became the label for which Belstaff has been most known for - however, their collection has grown to become a style -setter for all.

Parajumper: Parajumpers world renowned designer Massimo Rosetti has created an extremely innovative outerwear collection designed to be both functional as well as highly technological.

Nobis: A proud new Canadian company driven to provide a combination of cutting edge technology and fashion in both their outerwear and headwear.

Denham: Denham products are the result of a development process, which balances a deep respect for workwear history with a fearless intention to move garment designs forward.

Diesel: Targets a generation raised on a diet of cheesy advertising and outrageous brand promises - and turned this into its own brand philosophy. WIth a wide range of designs to meet every person's needs.

Koll3kt: Born out of a need to find or create clothing embracing both luxury and functionality, and driven by passion for design, quality and innovation: is Koll3kt for the man who is often ‘on the road’ and needs a wardrobe where every piece is as practical as it is stylish.

A Fish Named Fred: Our designs are unique and greatly recognised around the world. Next to the colourful shirts and sharp jackets we offer sleek lifestyle products in order to let you express yourself.

John Varvatos:John Varvatos is a brand that unites old world craftsmanship and refined tailoring with modern innovations in textiles and a rock'n'roll sensibility.